RF Online Game Policies
1. General In-game Policy
   - Policy Summary
The following policies are structured under the mutual agreement between RedFox Games and CCR Inc., which will be applied to all users who are accessing the RF Online game title. Adherence to these policies is mandatory, and failure to comply with these rules will have been met with consequences and/or punishments.
   - Policy Revision
Both RedFox Games and CCR Inc. have the rights to revise, discard or edit these policies and will be announced officially via the forum and main website.  Both companies will not be responsible for any inconveniences or penalties that are caused by not following the recent policies that are posted.   
   - Duty of GM
Game Masters (GMs) are always standing by to resolve in-game related issues and keeping community fairness.  GMs will not interfere any circumstances that are related to normal users in-game.  However, GMs are authorized to provide appropriate penalties toward users who have attempted to cause any damages including hacking, trolling, bugging, scamming, using offensive languages, etc.  Any players that GMs are suspicious of will be temporarily banned from the game while GMs investigate.  

2. Reporting Process Procedure
Any actions that are against the policies shall be reported to GMs by submitting tickets via https://help.playredfox.com/support/tickets
Please allow approximately 7 business days to investigate the submitted ticket, and the finalized decision will be implemented within 15 business days.  
Our GMs are doing their best to respond to tickets within 48 hours of submission.  However, the actual process time can be extended depending on the case. 
When reporting a certain player or event, please send in a ticket with the following information:
 - Name of player(s) involved in the situation
 - Video/screenshot
 - Time and Date
 - An explanation of the situation (GMs need to understand most of the situation to help).
***Without this information,  it will be very difficult to assist players or to catch players***

3. Restriction Chart
Abusing Bugs/Errors 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt
7 Day - Permanent Ban

Any activity that is used for personal profits or causes damage to others by exploiting in-game bugs/errors can be subject to a permanent ban.

- Duplicating items by exploiting in-game glitches
- Causing damage or loss of others by using in-game glitches
- Exploiting bugs 
Map/Terrain Glitches 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt
3 Day Ban & Delevel 7 Day Ban & Delevel 14 Day Ban (with Delevel) - Permanent Ban
The use of map/terrain glitches to gain EXP is not permitted and will automatically be treated as bug/error abuse (permanent ban).  To report a player, please record a video or take a screenshot of the suspicious player.  
Game Exploits (General) 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt
1 Day Ban 3 - 7 Day Ban 30 Day - Permanent Ban
Game exploits are any mechanics that are deliberately manipulating the game to their advantage.  This includes, but is not limited to:
1. Acquiring/Using items that you are not supposed to
2. Entering places that should not be allowed (example low-level character in high-level map or race-specific maps)
3. Using items in unintended ways
4. Luring Pit Bosses out of their spawn range

Any exploit that is deemed severe could be dealt with as "Abusing Bugs/Errors".  
Illegal Program Use 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt
7 Day - Permanent Ban

The use of any cheat tool (Cheat Engine, Moonlight Engine, etc.) is against our terms and service.  Any player that shows obvious signs of hacks will immediately receive a permanent ban. Players that are suspected of using illegal programs will receive a temporary ban until investigations are over.  

Examples of hacks include (but are not limited to):
- Item transfer across races
- Speed/Fly/Map Hack
- Defense/Armor Hack
Cash Trade Attempt 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt
7 Day Ban 30 Day Ban Permanent Ban
Any trade or sale attempts listed below can be subject to a ban from the game:

1.  Input map name, numbering sequences or phone numbers in the chat window without actual specific purposes.
2. Any chat logs appearing as illicit trades on the chat window, bulletin board, or forum ("selling account for ___").
3. Creating characters with obvious names to trade in-game currency.
4. Any chat logs that appear as advertising illicit trades.  
Real Money Transaction 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt
7 Day - Permanent Ban

Players that are caught or suspected of trading items or accounts for real money (PayPal or any other currency exchange) will receive swift punishments.  It is impossible to catch every single RMT suspect, however, those that GMs see via tickets or in-game will be punished.  
If players are found to RMT, GMs will also delete every item in the account and also Delevel players drastically.  
Trade Existing Accocunt 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt
Permanent Ban

Anyone trade their accounts with others (by selling or offering any goods) will be banned from the game permanently.
False Accusations 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt
Warning - 3 Day Ban 7 Day Ban 30 Day - Permanent Ban
Any submitted reports that are intended to harm other players, or are against company policies, can be subject to a ban from the game:
 - Reporting normal users as hackers or 3rd party hacking users.
 - False-reports showing that the account has been compromised.
 - Submitting false tickets repeatedly to interrupt the game operation.
Fraud/Scamming 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt
30 Day - Permanent Ban

Actions listed below will be subject to Fraud:

1. Taking advantage of other players for personal profits.
2. Receiving items/cash from other players (including Guild) by impersonation.
3. Releasing false patch update info to others to claim personal profits.
4. Deceiving others to receive items/cash.
5. Impersonating a GM or an employee of RedFox Games/CCR Inc. to deceive others for personal profits.
* Scamming other players is not allowed at any time. Scamming involves, but is not restricted to, using deception to get items or money from another player. Items lost from being scammed may or may not be recovered, depending on circumstances around the trade. In order to report Scams, please take screenshots or video of your conversation and trade process. Without proper evidence, your request for Scam investigations may be denied. 
Fraud Attempt 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt
30 Day - Permanent Ban

Any attempts to deceive others to claim his or her personal profit/reputation can be subject to a ban from the game. If players are caught in the action of any
Ex) Impersonate him/herself to other players to receive items/cash.
Advertising 3rd Party Sites (Gold Selling or Private Servers) 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt
Permanent Ban

Players who advertise 3rd party websites are going against our terms and service.
Chat Window Abusing 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt
1 Day Chat Ban 3 Day Chat Ban 7 Day Chat Ban or Game Ban
Inappropriate chat messages to annoy or disturb others can be subject to disable chat function for certain period of time. 
Inappropriate Name/Impersonating 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt
Name Change

Players with inappropriate names or impersonating other players will be forcefully changed at the GMs discretion.
Inappropriate names include, but are not limited to:
1. Racial and religious names
2. Barcode names
3. Names that contain special characters or symbols
4. Organizations

GMs may offer a free name change in these situations, but name changes are not guaranteed.
Interference (General) 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt
Warning - 3 Day Ban 7 Day Ban 30 Day Ban - Permanent Ban
Any actions that are causing harassment, trolling, threat etc.
Using stolen debit/credit cards 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt
Permanent Ban

Purchasing in-game items by using cards that are stolen or without permission of the owners is absolutely against the policy and will be banned permanently.
4. Refund and Recovery Policy
If the issue was caused by Developers or Publishers:
   - If any incident was caused by technical issues of CCR Inc. or RedFox Games, players will be compensated.  The verification process will take some time to investigate, however, refund/recovery will be conducted as promptly as possible.  
   - Any items or in-game currencies can be subject to be taken away from users if the items/currencies are gained by illicit methods such as hacking, scamming, etc.  
If the issue(s) was caused by Users: 
   - Any loss that is caused by the user's end for failing to adhere to the game system, policies, announcements, etc. are not subject to refund/recovery. 
Category Details Recovery Status Note
Character Character(s) deleted by mistake Yes Each character is limited to a One-Time recovery
Quest In the case that a player cannot complete the quest due to specific items being lost during the process No Players must give up the quest and retry
Item Items sold to NPC Yes One-Time recovery; money received for that item will be taken from inventory
Request to discard items that are unable to discard Yes Requested items will be discarded permanently
Crafted items by mistake No This includes upgraders and talics
Guild Lost Items and Money that are being saved in the Guild Warehouse during server migration or transfer No No items/money saved in the Guild Warehouse can be retrieved proper announcements were posted before the server migration/transfer. 
Lost Gold because of scheduled GvG during maintenance Yes After GMs verify and validate
Promotion Request Promotional item/currency after the promotion end No Must be claimed during the promotion period 
5. Indecent/Offensive/Inappropriate Posting

1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt
Post will be removed 7 Day Ban 30 Day - Permanent Ban
List of Prohibited Postings There are many forms of Indecent/Offensive/Inappropriate Postings including below list:

 - Any information that invades/violates a certain company personnel/assets or other players.
 - Any postings that are targeting specific person to cause humiliation, embarrassment, insult, disgrace, etc.
 - Any postings containing personal info including address, name, email address, etc. of self or others.
 - Any postings containing sexual humiliation.
 - Any postings containing offensive info to slander or malign others including gossips.
 - Any postings related to creating profits including raffles, product advertisements, certain website addresses/ads, etc.
 - Any postings containing viruses/malicious codes and or causing system malfunction.
 - Any postings containing certain theory or religious info.
 - Any postings containing info regarding illicit programs or private servers.
 - Any postings containing false info about a certain person or company.
 - Any postings related to certain ethnicity and gender.
 - Any postings targeting specific religious group/organization to criticize or glorify.
 - Any postings of physical cash/goods trade or in-game illicit item/cash trades between users.
 - Any postings to share, trade or transfer the existing RedFox Games accounts.
 - Any postings to impersonate GM, admin or any personnel from CCR Inc. or RedFox Games.
 - Any postings to encourage gambling, violent acts and/or hooliganism.
 - Any postings that are against CCR Inc./RedFox Games policies.