You are first given basic weapons at the beginning of the game. You can use these weapons to hunt low level monsters around the Bellato HQ. Monsters will drop items after they are killed, so sell these items to NPCs at the HQ for race money and gold. Open up your journal (hotkey “J”) and complete quests to earn rewards. When you reach level 3, you will have a quest called “Emergency notice from the genetic research center.” Complete it, and you will receive a bag as a reward, which expands your inventory space.


Tip 1: Try to collect expensive items, as the inventory you start off with is very limited.


Tip 2: If you don’t know which monsters to attack, check out our monster level guide here.



You can start wearing armor when you reach level 4. You will receive a full armor set when you complete the quest “__” which is given to you when you reach level __.


Tip 1: If you are trying to find the location of certain monsters, you can easily find them by looking at the maps here.


Tip 2: Setting your game to “Window Mode” at the log in page will allow you to multitask windows at once.


Tip 3: The fastest way to level up is the hunt monsters that are the same level as you. You can also level up faster by completing quests.


LEVEL 8-12

When you reach level 8, you can set “binding locations,” with most NPCs, which allow you to choose your resurrecting spot when you die. You can experience easier game play by choosing a convenient location.


Tip 1: While hunting, obtain weapon with wind ability. This will help you run faster in the game.


LEVEL 13-24

You can start wearing class (Warrior, Ranger, Spiritualist) armor after you reach level 13. All class armor requires each skill point to be at 4. You might want to consider purchasing defensive items from NPCs because it is hard to kill monsters if you only depend on items you have obtained from hunting.

You will receive a quest called “Emergency contact from the genetic research center” guest. Complete it to receive level 13 “rare mail” as a prize.


Tip 1: Some quests will reward you with rare items. Check here for a list of quests and their rewards.


LEVEL 25-29

You can participate in Chip Wars starting from level 25. Although you might be weak compared to other players that participate in these intense wars, try your best to help your race bring home victory.


Tip 1: You will receive three skill categories that increase speed, agility, and holy shield from high level users.




LEVEL 30-34

You can be promoted to a higher class at level 30. Keep in mind that if you are planning to raise your character into “dual class,” a fair amount of skill points from other classes are needed for an amicably balanced growth. Click here for more information on promotions.

At this point, your items and equipment will solely be dependent when you gain levels. Collect enchanted items and enhanced C class items for easier level ups.

You can also establish your own guild from level 30.

You can also establish your own guild from level 30 by talking to the race manager. The guild can be made with at least 8 users that are level 30 or over.


Tip 1: You can redefine your promoted class anytime in the game by talking to the Hero NPC, but you must be a premium member, which is purchasable with cash.


LEVEL 35-39

When you reach level 35, you can enter Ether, a planet where you can hunt and collect unlimited amounts of money. After buying an entrance ticket near the boat right outside HQ, you can enter the Kartella passenger boat that will travel to Ether.

The Merit NPC in Ether carries enhanced potions that helps you recover health faster and will make it easier to hunt. Check out our NPC guide here.


Tip 1: You can transfer to “Ether” more swiftly if you use the cash shop item “Coordinate Tracer Scroll (Calliana Princess).” You can use Astrater’s “Return Gate” for a quick comeback.  




LEVEL 40-44

When you reach level 40, you can be promoted to a higher class.

At this stage, the skill ability can be gained faster. Although leveling up is important, you should focus on achieving more skill points.

You need to mangae skill points because once you have 50 or more pt for both basic and intermediate skills, you can levarn advanced skills. This is the best time to increase your skill points, so that advantage.


Tip 1: Equipment, especially armors, are hard to get once you have reached level 40. In order to get over it, you will have to join a group or guild and inherit some items. The more people you know, the more items you can receive.


Tip 2: During this period, Pit Boss quests are available. Pit Bosses cannot be beaten alone for it has superior health and power, As a resolution, a Pit Boss raid party is often formed.


LEVEL 45-65

This is the last door to enter to attain Master level, level 50. You can enter Coldrom Volcanic grounds from level 45.

Since the monsters that are above level 45 have zealous health and strength, it is almost impossible to kill them own your own. To solve this problem, you should perform a group hunt, where you can save time, money, and strength.

If you gather enough aprty member and clear dungeions, you can collect various items and gain a lot of levels. The Dark Hole Dungeon is famous for its variety of items and difficulty. Take advantage of that and build your strength at the same time.

Once you have reached level 50, you can have all sorts of appearances and ultimate power.


Tip: You are now the center of power in your race. Your job is to defend any threats, including grand scale war, that might endanger your race. Always remember that your race has given you a part to start, and it is now your job to protect it