Chip Wars


Chip Wars is a massive Race vs Race war that occurs three times a day (8:00, 14:00, and 22:00 PDT). All three races – Bellato, Cora, and Accretia – battle for controlling the Holystone Keeper and mining rights.

In order to enter Chip Wars, you must be at least level 30. Chip wars take place at Crag Mine. You can enter the Crag Mine map through the portal at your race’s HQ. Each race has a control chip. Your race is responsible to keep their chip safe and to destroy another race’s chip. The race that destroys another race’s control first will gain mining rights and buffs for their whole race. The two losing races will not be able to mine for a next mining session, their whole race will be affected by a debuff.

Each Chip War usually lasts anywhere from fifteen minutes to two hours. Make sure you listen to your Race Leader and the archon for strategies and directions for bringingh home victory.

Chip Wars Quest


The Chip Wars Quest will be given to any character that is level 30 or higher during the start of each Chip War. A clock will show up on the bottom right corner of your interface and will countdown to when Chip Wars will start. After the war starts, the clock will start ticking, signalling the amount of time left to destroy a Control Chip.

Race Monsters


Race Monsters stand guard near each race’s portal and Control Chip. They are only friendly towards their same race and will attack other races. Players will lose EXP if they kill any of their own race’s Race Monsters. They will not, however, loser EXP when killed by these monsters.

Although these guardians have low health, they are extremely powerful. Try to bring some of the opposing race’s monsters down, for they will drop Holy Mental Scanners. Holy Mental Scanners will show you the location of each person on the current map you are on, which is extremely useful during Chip Wars.