Although Bellatians have small body frames, they have strong physical abilities. Before the three nations were hostile towards each other, Bellato Union had learned high tech machinery from Accretians and spiritual powers from Corites. Because of this, Bellatians today use both machinery and magic to further civilization.



Bellato offers four classes you can choose from: Warrior, Ranger, Spiritualist, and Specialist.


1. Warrior

Level 30 Class Promotions


Commando Miler

Commandos deal a lot of damage. They prefer close-combat and using two-handed weapons.

Milers are excellent at defending. They prefer using shields and wielding one-handed swords.
Class skill(s): Class Skill(s):

Howl: Increases skill power

Defend: Increases defense and shield protection

Provoke: Aggravates monsters and causes them to attack you

Level 40 Class Promotions




Berserker Armsman Shield Miler
Berserkers are excellent at close-range combat. They give massive amounts of damage. Armsmen are good with both defense and offense. They prefer using maces. Shield Milers have very high defense due to using shields. Their specialized shields are able to drain and absorb health from opponents.
Class Skills(s): Class Skills(s): Class Skills(s):

Double Crash: Strong spin attack

Judgement: Stuns opponent

Buildup Defense: Increases defense and shield blocking success rate

Rabering Bless: Decreases opponent’s speed

Stamina: Greatly decreases opponent’s SP and blocks SP recovery

Blood Sucking: Absorbs HP

Beast Eye: Increases strength and division

Perfect: Increases accuracy

Taunt: Increases AP

2. Ranger

 Level 30 Class Promotions

Desperado Sniper

Desperados are good with both long and short-range weapons and can deal a lot of damage.

Snipers specialize in long-range weapons. They can be useful for scouting out territory and setting traps.
Class skill(s): Class Skill(s):

Strong: Increases attack and skill power

Hide: Becomes invisible

Trapping: Ability to create traps using a trap kit (passive skill)

Find Trap: Allows you to find invisible traps

Level 40 Class Promotions




Hidden Soldier Sentinel Infiltrator
Hidden Soldiers prefer firearms. Sentinels use force along with other fighting tactics to defeat opponents. There’s no other word to describe them – Infiltrators are like ninjas. They are very stealthy and lay a lot of traps.
Class Skill(s): Class Skill(s): Class Skill(s):

Eagle Cruiser: Attack opponent with continuous shots

Divine: Removes all debuffs

Fatal Step: Hides and quickly strikes opponent’s vital spot

Quick Attack: Faster skill abilities.
Mental Assault: Make opponent not be able to use forces
Trap Box: Allows you to carry more traps (passive skill)

Scamper: Greatly increases movement, but decreases evasion and attack speed
Can set traps up to level 35.

2. Spiritualist

Level 30 Class Promotions


Psyper Chandra

Psypers have very strong force skills. They prefer using force to attack than to support.  

Chandras are excellent at supporting their allies. They specialize in holy force.
Class skill(s): Class Skill(s):

Edian’s Soul: Increases force attack power

Recall: Summon a party member to your position
Heal Wind: Heals all party members

Level 40 Class Promotions




Wizard Astraler Holy Chandra
Wizards have the strongest offensive power. They prefer to fight head on with their opponents. Astralers are excellent at supporting their allies. Holy Chandras have excellent supporting skills.
Class Skill(s): Class Skill(s): Class Skill(s):

Sage Force: increases damage and range of attacks

Force Freezing: Tremendously increases defense, but immobilizes oneself

Recovery Circle: Fully heals all party members

Deadly Staff: Stuns enemies

Return Gate: Teleports all members in your party to your binding location.

Nerve Fuzzy: Reduces opponent’s hit rate and accuracy
Force Impact: Immensely damages opponents

Escape: Teleports to your binding point

Judicious Brain: Shortens cast delays on forces

4. Specialist

Level 30 Class Promotion

Driver Craftman

Drivers can operate MAU’s.  

Craftsmen are suppliers who secialize in mining, processing, manufacturing, and upgrading. They can lead the game with grat economic foundation.
Class Skill(s): Class Skill(s):

Set Guard Tower: Ability to build guard towers

Level 40 Class Promotions



Armor Rider Mental Smith
Armor Riders can handle stronger MAU’s and can produce better armor. Mental Smiths aid battles by preparing various weapons and armors and takes part in protecting their allies.
Class Skill(s): Class Skill(s):

Armored Mastery: Ability to handle stronger MAU’s (passive skill)

Gage Recovery: Repairs damaged armor and fully recovered DP

Repair Discount: Repair units at a cheaper price (passive skill)

Rebirth: Revives someone in your race.